Awareness without judgement

Thanks for reading my email last week. I feel happy with your open attitude, the responses I get from everybody, and I also understand you, because I get everyday many emails from  guru from the USA who want to put me on a new track with new way of livings.

I walk over to that that emails and they are very promising good things, promise heaven on earth and I feel not touched by that talking. I have now as I write this email to you a double feeling: I do not want to push you, and I want share my experience with you about consciousness and awareness and invite you to invest in yourself. You are worth of it. I also followed a long-term education and training and thus invested in myself and the good thing is that life in the here and now continue these discoveries and learning experiences go to a deeper level and a higher level of consciousness.

Each of us receives daily opinions on the effects of positive thinking, etc., and that’s brainwave, because there is no thought about what is ………… in the here and now. If you feel you have pain or negative experiences, what can you do with a recommendation of positive thinking? Because that is the negation of how you feel now and then you get the impression or the feeling that you do not do well. Thinking is not good? Bad luck to you. Bull shit so. What is required that you get bright, making you feel something negative. And if you invoelt and understand why something feels like it feels and the recognition and support received from someone who looks clean with you, so you feel getting fours (each situation is different) than is visible again how you can go at the helm stand your life boat. Can you determine the route again. Stand behind you and there draw strength from that you make new choices daily live. Negative experiences or feelings of pain is meant to learn. Is therefore positive because you have the opportunity to give a new direction and meaning to your life.

Then something about the power of working in a gestaltgroup. The uniqueness of the gestalt group is that all attention is focused on the person at work and each participant support from a deeper feeling low for one that works again at the self-power comes to the real themselves, unlearn the curricula of education and teaching of how it should be. The moment someone in the gestaltgroup touch with their own heart and own wish recovered that is felt by each participant and shimmers the experience of Eureka by the entire group and each has the work of the worker are the recognition of the lifestyles or its own new insights about how problems work in contact.

Now a little story: we are often in daily life with rewards and punishments brought up by parents, school and training in organizations.

A farmer from the USA went to do a test with a herd of horses.He had a beautiful large meadow and rastered half with a fence energizer. The horses went pretty and innocent graze on the pasture and noticed with horror that if they touched the electric wire that she felt an electric shock. As a result, they went avoid that they hit the thread. They continued merrily grazing in the green grass until everything was up and gnawed the last resjes of bare eaten lawn. The farmer went to the electrodeposition of the wire in the middle of the field, leaving the wire slightly so that they could easily step over. You can probably guess what happened. A beautiful piece of tender grass was not seen by the horses, because they knew from history that if they hit the wire in the middle of the meadow they could feel a huge shock. They were starving while food was under range.

In gestalt we talk about having blind spots that we would be stuck sitting in some thought and behavior patterns that the reality of it is no longer observed. In everyday life you will ever experience that you speak about a topic and if you put the finishing touches will then have somebody running around. Also comes to me sometimes if someone wants a particular outcome, then I lie down automatically through not the answer to give what I feel that the other wants.

That may be avoiding to express what you feel, avoid a conflict expected to arrive or otherwise. Go to yourself about it: “. I avoid ……… because ……… I expected.”

The more we come into contact with our own, our own feelings and our own hearts, the more ground we get under our feet to stay in every situation in order to maintain ourselves and in ourselves in stressful situations.

Then I have a personal experience with the following words. “The silent presence of consciousness is the light of truth that always shines. I have nothing to do to live this particular truth. He / she is simple, flexible and intelligent, and he / she is now accessible to me. He / she is present. ” I feel grateful and touched me with these words.

Beauty, purity, growth and flowering. I live the life every day as a voyage of discovery to more spiritual unfolding in the now. At any time in your life you can start it. A second chance. It’s never too late. Better now than later. Put that first step and find out how it feels when working with dialogue without judgment and you feel the freedom to be who you are in essence. The private room feel free to discover. In truth can see what I do heals old wounds.

I invite you for inspiring gestalt workshops in Thailand or France. Registration is still possible. Sign up for information about program enrollment and specifying the qualities you want to develop more or want to have available daily life. Phone in Thailand following mid-February 2016.

Gestaltweek in Khao Kalok in Thailand or Gestaltweek in Auvergne in France. For to work on create possibilities and opportunities in daily life. Click on the blue text.

Activities and training for people who want to develop to be themselves in every situation and the potential for a real nourishing dialogue with the other. Wisdom to discover what is hidden behind the daily response patterns. You’re all ok and have to consider the possibility of how it is that you do not feel it sometimes. And then…. You can be the architect of your life. At the helm of your boat……… ..

Connected and very nice to meet you on your path towards the light and the discovery of opportunities in daily life,

Evert van der Weide


Info: I am gestalttherapist, gestalttrainer, social worker, social worker with further training: group work and supervision powers. I support people from in own practice since to come back by themselves from 1980 in The Hague in succession till 2007, Pak Nam Pran, Thailand till octobre 2009 and then in Treignat in France till now on .

If you want to know more about me. See:

Healing of blockades, old wounds, depression, to be yourself is possible for everyone. Come together with others, practice and explore. Eureka …… .. I am. See you in solidarity.

See the book “Know Your Self”.

Tel. of sms: +33 (0)6 27 78 62 52 or email In Skype: evertvanderweide

See also the website: .

Do you know more people who are interested in working on their own personal skills in contact, relationship, friendship or work? Send it by mail to them or give their email address on request.

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2 gedachtes over “Awareness without judgement

  1. It would be good to have your article in english (or french), because as it is, in “Google translate”-english, it is not so readable… (yet seems interesting, from what I am able to understand).
    /Olivier, Gestalt psychotherapist ECP


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