Awareness and the simplicity from what is…….

Thank you for reading my articles in recent years. I feel happy with the open interest of you and the responses I get, and I ask today attention Susanne for the reminder of the wisdom that is already present in you and revealed to be the development of pure unrestricted awareness into action .

Something negative experience in daily life and then to stand still making you feel negative. Feel hurt only weakness I feel do not want to acknowledge my hurt. When I feel hurt its my own truth acknowledge I am in truth with myself. I feel space again. I say, “I feel hurt me like this you say this sound to me.” I feel then dismissed. Because I expressed how I feel and I fully stand there and will feel my power. I wish and understand what I say. I stand for what is currently true for me. I feel emotion. I look honestly and in truth to the self. Clear view. Discovery now. I feel moved when I see the pure truth as it is for me and I see open doors. Because often the other person has no intention to hurt, but sometimes blurts things out from the thought and judgment without seeing the hidden beauty of the situation. If the other person can recognize what I say, then that is feeding into contact and contact recover.
The way we humans react to each other over and over again without thinking about what reality looks like we are still in the primeval life which we people think the earth is flat. Fortunately, we still develop by and get a deeper awareness of what w e r m e l i j k h e i d is. And then it turns out that blunt often react hidden a very beautiful and fascinating conscious, which can search for tools to express themselves more refined. As my father used to be not had the chance to work on personal growth and found harmony within themselves by playing the organ. We humans are very creative. You too

Last week, read an article about the feelings of therapeutic space. I want like to get out of the context of therapeutic and translate that into the everyday practice. Space feel in touch with the neighbour your spouse, friend or colleague. Feel free to talk about which you want to talk. feel space and learned moving or thinking is associated with age? Does absolutely not, because every new choice I make now is new and fresh. Had in daily life or we have the choice between adapting to the environment or otherwise do what fits you in its pure awareness and healing of the soul.
How do you do that? Come back to your real self? Take your own space you to be yourself and give the other space to be themselves? We are forced to adapt to the environment is what we learn in education. In today’s culture is rather rude response a trend which is translated as emancipation and stand up for your rights. I support to do it differently. Through investigating what is really present to stand in your power and energy and pure articulate what is observed in respect for the other.
I would like to search for more sophisticated tools to develop contact form my gestalt workshops in groups and other forms of individual work on yourself. Of course, I invite you to stand out still today, in the here and now and to feel what it is ………… Eureka. Back to the unity of spirit, soul and body. You’re so much more. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Practicing together in a group with his presence gives inspiration and insight. Give yourself that chance and allow to be open to change by no longer do your best to someone you’re not. No longer efforts. What a rest you get. And your world changes …………. Imagine: I need love and affection and I give love and affection without effort. Be yourself . . . . . . . . . . .

Last time I even asked to consider: “What are you feeling and make you feel what sentences restrictive …………” You got attention given to? What did you discover about yourself?

Personal Note: In the gestalt training I felt sit so comfortable in my own skin one day and I felt so much love and warmth that I was expressing gave everyone that give the group room came a warm hug and I enjoyed the surprise I read in their faces. I gave expression to what I felt. Do you sometimes had such a moment in your life?


Beauty, purity, growth and flowering. I live the life every day as a voyage of discovery to more spiritual fulfillment in the present. We can start with it now. Give ourselves a second chance to enjoy what is. It’s never too late. Better now than later. Put that first step and find out how it feels when working with dialogue without judgment and you feel the freedom to be who you are in essence. The private room feel free to discover. In truth can see what I do heals old wounds.

I invite you for the inspiring gestalt workshops in Thailand or France. Registration is possible early. Sign up for information about program enrollment and specifying the qualities you want to develop more or want to have available daily life. We are aware, and that is not bound to age.


Gestaltweek Khao Kalok to Thailand or Gestaltweek Auvergne in France. Working on your ability to react proficient in everyday situations. That means investing in yourself.

Activities and training for people who want to develop to be themselves in every situation and the potential for a real nourishing dialogue with the other. Wisdom to discover what is hidden behind the daily response patterns. You’re all ok and have to consider the possibility of how it is that you do not feel it sometimes. And then…. You can be the architect of your life. at the helm ……… ..

I work with movement, use of language, meditation, dialogue with the parts of the self or the other expression indicating feel, explore, healing music and rock music, touring identifications, awareness, visualize patterns and what prompted the spot is,

Play your music. Bring your instument.

Connected and I look forward to meeting you on your path towards the light and discover your opportunities in daily life,

Evert van der Weide

N.B. I gestalt, gestalttrainer, social worker, social worker with advanced training: group work and supervision powers. I support people since 1980 in my own practice in succession in The Hague until 2007, Pak Nam Pran, Thailand t / m in 2009 and then in France Treignat and Khao Kalok (including Hua Hin), Thailand during training there.
If you want to know more about me as a person. See:

As already 36 years I have been working with the Gestalt approach of life. See

Clear awareness develop blockages or healing old wounds, depression. can be self is possible for everyone. Come together with others to practice and explore. Eureka …… .. I am. See you in solidarity.

See the book “Know Your Self” Perls, Goodman and Hefferline. Ed. Bert Bakker

“It’s surprising how many persons go through life without ever Recognizing That Their feelings toward other people are Largely Determined by Their feelings toward them selves, and if you’re not comfortable within yourself, you can not be comfortable with others.”
Sydney J. Harris

Tel. or text message: +33 (0) 6 27 78 62 52 or email In Skype: evert vander meadow and Line: Evert or facebook:

See also the website:

Do you know more people who are interested in working on their own personal skills in contact, friendship or work? Send this email to them by or give their email address.


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