The dialogue as nourishing contact …….


Thank you for reading my previous article of “the power of positive support …… ..”. I thank you for the open interest and response. Today I give attention to the dialogue as a means to create a deeply felt connection to the different parts of your self and connection experienced with your fellow man, your life partner.

A dialogue is an active process to enter into dialogue with the other through the lived reality of exchanging experiences in words and respectfully listen without judging. Share what you experience in the field encounter in your self in relationship with others. By focusing listen to the other show the latent possibilities of giving expression to feelings of space and exploration of what is present in the world experience.

That is to listen carefully to the other while proclaiming how something polite. That has a direct relationship with the living world of man and the development of insight into the daily experiences. Reciprocity, a unique present from total authenticity and not from a role or status. Mutual responsibility for listening without judging. The real dialogue can even execute silently through the attentive presence as a listener.

Definition according to William Isaacs: “An inside a protected space perceptible pitch meeting: meeting with others and with themselves. A place where we take time to observe our thinking, feeling, and behavior patterns, our beliefs and mental models to be aware, to reflect and explore. A process of understanding and change. “

The possibilities are varied and range from the simple respectful conversation to comprehensive awareness extensions

Definition according to William Blake – a cleansing of perception.

“If the doors of perception are cleansed, then everything comes to us as it is: infinite. Because man has become so embedded that he still sees only through the narrow bars of his prison window.”

Personal note: I notice that when I’m with understanding dwell on what I do can see clearly and in a situation in which choice or automatic reaction I used, I am aware and (reaction) recognizable pattern. The recognition of acceptance and understanding ensures that the pattern includes understanding is no longer necessary, without me doing anything. The pattern is only as a reminder of the past.

Beauty, purity, growth and flowering. The everyday life as a journey of discovery for more spiritual fulfillment in the present. Is us is giving a second chance to enjoy some life. Better now than wait until tomorrow. Put that first step and give yourself the chance to experience it is like working with dialogue without judgment and you feel the freedom to be who you are in essence. In truth can see what we do heal old wounds. 

On May 1, 2016 from 10:00 to 17:00 an open day in Treignat, France. Registration is required. Program on request.

The open day will introduce you to the dialog and displays turn on this day to experiencing the miraculous effects of listening without judging, creating the space for the (hidden?) Best to come up in the other. Experienced limitations in daily living for opportunities to develop inspiring consult your own path together or alone. Take your partner may be involved.

Need information about gestalt workshops in Thailand or in France? Sign up with your email. We have “awareness” and discover that it is not limited by age or culture. You’re welcome.

Gestaltweek in Auvergne in France from 25-06-2016 to 02-07-2016. Register before 2 May 2016.

Gestaltweek in Khao Kalok in Thailand from 23 to 30 July 2016. Register before 1 June 2016.

Activities and training for people who want to develop their potential to light contact in the situation and the potential for a nourishing dialogue with the other. To discover the wisdom hidden behind the daily response patterns. You’re all ok and you have to explore the possibility of how it is that you do not feel it sometimes. And then…. Back at the wisdom in yourself ………. Be the entrepreneur of your existence. at the helm ……… ..

I work with movement, use of language, meditation, dialogue with the parts of the self or the other expression indicating feel, explore, healing music and rock music, touring identifications, awareness, recognition and visualization of lifestyles and what to the spot comes above or inserted,

Play your music. take along for the evenings your instrument.

Connected and I look forward to meeting you on your path towards the light and discover your opportunities in daily life,

Dream Baby Dream by Bruce Springsteen:

Evert-Cha-Am-1-2kl Evert van der Weide

Comments are welcome.

N.B. I am gestalttherapist, gestalttrainer, social worker, social worker with advanced training: group work and supervision powers. I support people since 1980 in my own practice in back-sequentially Hague until 2007, Pak Nam Pran, Thailand t / m in 2009 and then in France Treignat and Khao Kalok (including Hua Hin), Thailand during training there.

If you want to know more about me as a person. See: As already 36 years I have been working with the Gestalt approach of life.


Clear awareness develop blockages or healing old wounds, depression. You can be in any situation is possible for everyone. Come together with others to practice and explore. Eureka …… .. I am. See you in solidarity.

See the book “Know Your Self” Perls, Goodman and Hefferline. Ed. Bert Bakker

“It’s surprising how many persons go through life without ever Recognizing That Their feelings toward other people are Largely Determined by Their feelings toward them selves, and if you’re not comfortable within yourself, you can not be comfortable with others.”

Sydney J. Harris

Telephone or text message: +33 (0) 6 27 78 62 52 or email In Skype: evertvanderweide and Line: Evert or in facebook: Evert van der Weide

See also the website:

N.B. There I was saying that the page was difficult to read on a small screen have the text page now narrower. Invites comments on how it is now.

Do you know more people who are interested in working on their own personal skills in contact, friendship or work?



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