Staying in exotic Thailand and working on making better contact.


In solidarity and thank you for reading my blogs on ” .” From July 12, 2016, I am to reached in Thailand until August 29, 2016 by phone +66980544654 or 09 80 54 46 54 if you are staying in Thailand. I am available for video consultation via Skype or line or by phone / chat via WhatsApp and Viber for anywhere in the world for listening, consultation, advice or therapy. Calls are possible in Bangkok or in Khao Kalok, 26 km in Hua Hin.

Life is dynamic because at any moment something changed now. Nothing is the same at this time. The rut is when we make our current perception off the situation and what happens generalize either throw one hope by thinking and divide them into categories. You can develop attention in the now. If you feel coming to a dead end then you have the perception in the now disabled. Life is challenging to find out your new answers to existing constantly changing situations. And sometimes you feel so tired. Take the time to rest. Not rushed. Depression is the result of the disabling of our unique observation. And if I help you to recognize that you discover that conscience is in you and tucked under the blankets because of the illusion of security. In motion will you find safety by new answers again and again in the now. Discovered the ability of the self by being attentive to the a w a r e n e s s now.

Wherever conscious is healing occurs by the homeostatic effect. You can only recover the stagnation when you see how little stagnant.

And now start developing your skills or focus on: 1. I learn to pay attention to what is happening in my environment. 2. the skill of the attention allows me to explore my experiences with clarity and without judgment. 3. And by learning the skill of silence, or wholeness, let me include awareness of the totality of my experience as my own self.

That last I like to admit. In daily life, all is interacting with each other. Take a situation and give the attention that comes inside. Go dwell on present yourself does for you either explore the space between “what” and how would “react”.

October-2008-in-Khao-Kalok--1Beauty, purity, growth and flowering. Gestalt Training as an exploration of more pure development in the now. We can give our self a second chance to enjoy some life. Old events hanging by working and then feel freer. Put yourself that first step and use the opportunity to experience what it’s like working with dialogue without judgment and as is apparent in the group when we really listen to our own observations, then practice it and can make inspiring new discoveries. We can express the situation that we are in our space and feel that we can be who we are in essence. That we realize our wishes more in relationships, work and family. Focus on what is important to us as a person. Suddenly quantum leap in consciousness. Clicked something and everything will fall into place. We are on the path to our destination.

The following different programs (see link below) I offer to use the social-emotional skills and abilities of ourselves that are given to us by nature, for achieving what you want in touch, work, business and relationships.

I recommend joining a group, which is partly linked to the choices I made myself when I ran into blockages in groups on a Social Academy in The Hague standards “politicerende assistance” and that was not my thing. Too far from my bed today. In a Gestalt group, however, is a situation in which a pressure cooker shared many insights and discoveries and can be practiced in a safe setting. If you encounter other situations to walk into your life, please choose one of the many training opportunities that are more appropriate to the situation:

See page:

Gestaltweekend in Tynaarloo, Drenthe, Netherlands which I accompanied with a colleague Hans Roosenbrand on 28-29 October 2016. Request brochure and information.

Tel. or text message: +33 (0) 6 27 78 62 52 or email In Skype: evertvanderweide and Line: Evert or facebook: Evert van der Weide Whatsapp and Viber: +33627786252

See also the website:



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