The secret of an explosive personal growth through a gestalt training for three months.

“Looking and does not see the obvious”

“What is … .. that’s is……” the spell in the Gestalt approach of life. The feature is called the neurotic “did not see the obvious.” What is in front of us is not perceive that all the energy goes to thinking about life. Jesus was talking about his willfully blind.

The latest trend is the “mindset” or “niche” or “reptilian brain” or “implant”, but now the focus target is “did not see the obvious”. An example:

We can talk in daily contact with someone and then talk about all social aspects of life and indirectly we note that on the nonverbal level slightly detected that requires attention, but we give no attention to and continue in the “social talk”, which seems very cozy.

Do you recognize that? Then responds with “yes” by clicking on this button: burron-recognise-that

In my Gestalt training I mentioned that in the past my naivety to do anything with it or fear to break the story of the other. I would now like to identify concrete. When I’m in my thinking and reacting to another’s thinking is I do not listen to my senses .: I see, I hear, I feel, I taste. If I let myself be carried away by the story of the other, and I noticed that something was wrong in my perception of what I heard and I do not do anything with it at that time.

Do you recognize that? . burron-recognise-that

Of course, there are countless reasons that we do not directly stay in the “awareness now” exist and it calls for exploration to come back at the endless possibilities that we have at our disposal. At the moment you can reflect on you can take yourself and in the here and now where you have a choice in what you want to do and you can work on it if you find encountering blockages in yourself. I notice that if I had the situation to do something with it, that suddenly creates real contact and I feel life is created in the contact and involvement.


Evert-web-kleinBeauty, purity, growth and flowering. Gestalt Training is like a voyage of discovery to more pure development in the now. We can give our self a second chance to enjoy some life. Old events hanging by working and then feel freer. Put yourself that first step and use the opportunity to experience what it is when working with dialogue without judgment and as palpable in the group when others really listen to our own observations, then experiment with it and practice and can make inspiring new discoveries . Suddenly quantum leap in awareness and relaxation. Clicked something and everything will fall into place. We are on the path to our destination.

Photo on the left is on the beach in Khao Kalok, Thailand.


Gestaltweekend in Tynaarloo, Drenthe, Netherlands which I accompanied with a colleague Hans Roosenbrand on 28-29 October 2016. Brochure and information ready.


I work with posture and movement, use of language, meditation, (internal) dialogue with the parts of the self or the other, the gestaltformatie, expression indicating feel, explore, healing music and rock music, touring identifications, awareness, recognition and visualization of lifestyles and what comes up on the spot or introduced by the person participates. Also support if the chaos incalculable looks and some support is needed in a safe situation. You find yourself back and then be able to support others in their own trail in life,

In communication and I hope to meet you on the path to the light and the memory of opportunities in daily life,


Conan: “The Sound of Silence”


Evert van der Weide, Gestalt therapist and human being,


I would like to ask other people you know to point out the opportunities for training, therapy or supervision and the healing effects it has on our well-being. Would you do that? I look forward to meeting you.

N.B. I gestalt, gestalttrainer, social worker, social worker with advanced training: group work and supervision powers. I support people since 1980 in my own practice in succession in The Hague until 2007, Pak Nam Pran, Thailand t / m 2009 and beyond Treignat in France to present and Khao Kalok (including Hua Hin), Thailand during training there.

If you want to know more about me as a person. See: or . I have experience in accommodating women on secret address, psychiatric diagnosis and (compulsory) neuroses. I support you to be released from the psychiatric and other labels and your life back on track from their own (hidden) qualities.

Clear awareness develop blockages or healing old wounds, depression. You can be in any situation is possible for everyone. Come together with others to practice and explore. Eureka …… .. I am. See you in solidarity.

See also the book “Gestalt approach, Gestalt in action” Fritz Perls, Ed. The Torch 1976.

“If we ourselves can not understand feeling in us and our sensitivity, we will not be able to lead a self-realizing life.”

In solidarity and thank you for reading my blog articles about the past six months ” .” Now I am again accessible in France at number +33627786252 and I will restart my blog articles. I would like to join the constraints of everyday life, you as a fellow human or colleague experience in relation, in touch, in working with others in entrepreneurship. What perspectives do you need? When we learn to live in the attention we can get the best at the top of the people around us. My drive is that I know how it feels if you can not fully come to your right, and I am thrilled to support you ‘to be yourself in every situation and realize what you want to achieve in love, work, income and position ”

Tel. or text message: +33 (0) 6 27 78 62 52 or email

Skype: evertvanderweide

In Line: Evert

In Facebook or Linked: Evert van der Weide

See also the website:


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