Got to feel in touch, really listen, refreshing the relationship and works inspired.

You can explore how to give the other one the space to come to themselves

Already 34 years I work with the Gestalt approach and that continues to inspire me. Previously I followed the usual trail of learning lo, lts, VBO, MW and MW VO etc. And I worked as a machine fitter, dragline operator, carer, nurse B, social worker and also the relationships and marriages.

I got into trouble when I went to teach the Social Academy of the psychiatric hospital from the institutional environment. I came into contact with politicizing assistance to members of my group, I totally saw sitting.

I wanted to work with Gestalt, by inter alia the text “contact appreciation of difference” and “I am I and you are you,” I was deeply touched.

By the recognition of my identity, what truly feels healing.

Because I had experienced how it feels when I emitted either not accepted because I just experienced things differently than the social environment.

As a result I social pressure to adapt and make felt adapted and never really good in myself.

While I was not in a position at that time against it to come into rifle. Eventually I found a solution to that insidious conflict. A solution to the verbal violence of the Social Academy in the 70s.

I decided to share how I felt. And that was my big break. No longer trapped. I started writing a thesis entitled “The call disconnected.”

The club politicizing aid workers be, who were more concerned with their own theory than interested in how people can feel in their situation.

Let alone learn to free himself.

I went care theories about expulsion processes in applying the community on the radical ideology of my fellow classmates.

And that made me feel space. They recognized what I wrote and they felt that if not fun, that I felt I emitted by them. “The call disconnected.”

The wonder of discovering how I again the master (es) of my existence was.

By applying the principles of the Gestalt of life. My steering wheel back into their own hands and reach out to others.

And so can you.

  • Do you feel not seen in contact,
  • or is not seen you in your work,
  • Do you feel pushed into a corner,
  • Do not turn to your right,
  • Do you accept it wrong,
  • Do you need to confirm that you are OK as you are,
  • Do you feel despondent at the situation now,
  • if you have little inspiration and experience a lot of anguish.
  • Do you want to grow in your relationship and in squabbling
  • Need clarity in your Achilles heel

Do you recognize yourself in one or more points than I invite you to give yourself a second chance and regain inspiration.

Just as I did at the Social Academy by simultaneously follow the Gestalt Training in Rotterdam and successfully continued.

Give yourself the chance of new inspiration, so you will discover other ways to change your life. Just like I did when I decided to share my feelings and worked on realization of “who I am” and want to be.

This may be my future training. For reading or talking about something does not do it and really see through and feel of the situation or of the blind spots of yourself.

Really see through and feel is a sensible start, to know that there are other ways. Other ways to change your life, to get the result you want so badly. Got to feel connected, that there really listened, renew your relationship or inspired working with colleagues.

That would change requires concentration on what you want and do. So to experience that the effect of different feeling and doing by working in you, in your mind, your feelings and your actions.

Provides a real breakthrough …

Make that big break for yourself and get action today. Take our unique gestaltweekend in Tynaarlo. The Netherlands. There is room for up to 14 participants.

Which not only I, but also Hans Roosenbrand, an experienced colleague, jlou support in achieving a breakthrough in your life now.

Hans and I are very experienced Gestalt therapists and together account for more than 70 years of experience. What makes us untold wealth of experience and expertise at their disposal during our training on your behalf.

Perhaps you can find in store exciting whether you are up against a new road and remember that you are the master (es) you are of your existence. If you have had previous negative experience take the chance that there take the space.

Or “not now” thinking. But be honest with yourself, then when? Will you postpone? When is it the right time for yourself to take action. To give yourself the space where you are entitled to. What you desire and want to go.

Now is the chance. Now is the time to find your new road to take. With the best possible support ever of not one but two very skilled and experienced therapists.

Do not wait and click on the green button:

Unique Gestaltweekend in Tynaarloo, Drenthe, Netherlands which I accompanied with a colleague Hans Roosenbrand on 28-29 October 2016.


Beauty, purity, growth and flowering.

“You can discover how you can give others the space to come to themself.”

I work with a focus on posture and movement, use of language, meditation, (internal) dialogue without judgment with the parts of the self to the other, the gestaltformatie, expression indicating feel, explore, healing music and rock music, exploring identifications , awareness, recognition and imaging of living patterns and what spot as operating point (goal in your life) contributed by the participants. You find yourself and the more you know you (re), the more you are able to support others in their own trail in life,

In communication and I hope to achieve to meet you on the path to what you want in daily life, an inspiring relationship, enjoying success in your work and I want to meet you in the exploration of the unlimited opportunities in the inspiring “here and now” and release blockages weeks

Melissa Etheridge with Tony Robbins: “I need to wake up” and to let go my limited beliefs” Inspiring video and beautiful song. Click on subtitles.


In solidarity,


Evert van der Weide, gestalt already 34 years and man,


I would like to ask other people you know to point out the opportunities for training, therapy or supervision and the healing effects it has on our well-being. Would you do that? I look forward to meeting you.

N.B. I gestalt, gestalttrainer, social worker, social worker with advanced training: group work and supervision powers. I support people since 1980 in my own practice in succession in The Hague until 2007, Pak Nam Pran, Thailand t / m 2009 and beyond Treignat in France to present and Khao Kalok (including Hua Hin), Thailand during training there.

If you want to know more about me as a person. See: or . I have experience in accommodating women on secret address, psychiatric diagnosis and (compulsory) neuroses. I support you to be released from the psychiatric and other labels and your life back on track from their own (hidden) qualities.

Clear awareness develop blockages or healing old wounds, depression. You can be in any situation is possible for everyone. Come together with others to practice and explore. Eureka …… .. I am. See you in solidarity.

See also the book “Gestalt approach, Gestalt in action” Fritz Perls, Ed. The Torch 1976.

“If we ourselves can not understand feeling in us and our sensitivity, we will not be able to lead a self-realizing life.”

In solidarity and thank you for reading my blog articles about the past six months ” .” Now I am again accessible in France at number +33627786252 and I will restart my blog articles. I would like to join the constraints of everyday life, you as a fellow human or colleague experience in relation, in touch, in working with others in entrepreneurship. What perspectives do you need? When we learn to live in the attention we can get the best at the top of the people around us. My drive is that I know how it feels if you can not fully come to your right, and I am thrilled to support you ‘to be yourself in every situation and realize what you want to achieve in love, work, income and position ”

Tel. or text message: +33 (0) 6 27 78 62 52 or email

Skype: evertvanderweide

In Line: Evert

In Facebook or Linked: Evert van der Weide

See also the website:


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