Gestaltweekend February 17-18 in Treignat. Contact Restore.

You can make it …….. if you do …… you can

What do you want to achieve more in touch, life, work or relationships? Develop new opportunities to make contact … .. talk to make against the other and connect on a different level? You too can develop that ability to get the other food contact and by feeling can arise in another concept. The other will feel better and it is therefore felt in your soul, in your presence in the here and now. Being able ……. becomes available.

I have long ago experienced in daily work at Social Services, which charged a tall, large man with anger came to the desk and when they listened to him and he understood felt “in his situation,” he turned on the spot in a warm and nice man who was looking for a way out of a hopeless looking situation and I could go with him search for what was possible.

Negative thoughts / feelings have a background and at the moment where if we can take this with open eyes, there will be solutions available, what appeared to be formerly a black hole. In light of the awareness the thoughts are positive due to make the power of choices in the situation.

If you Start Up in your life against situations where you currently sees no way out and would like a clear understanding To gain I invite you for a consultation or participation in a gestalt-weekend when all the attention is focused gain new discoveries, sharing how you feel and what you want to achieve in your life. Old pain may seen released.

In this special weekend focus on restoring contact relationship or contact. New ways to love and connection to the existing relationship. Renovating old familiar. See through. The actual (not included) signals to translate what is really present to feel and experience the power of now.

Each of us contributes to deeper understanding actually been with him. The daily pressures and the impact of life events you do not join. Training needs to focus and discover who you are in essence: the road to human entrepreneurship. This brings you wisdom, strength, leadership. You learn judgmental communication and conflict management. So you can exploit the full your zest for life, at home, at work and in society. Gestalt training can individually relationship conversation or afternoon group, weekend or week.

This gestalt weekends for those who want o n t e d i n, is willing to experience and to ponder what is here and now presents itself. Whether you are a therapist and wish to retrain in ervarinsgniveau student and need extra inspiration, or just need to get in to stand still a safe environment for yourself or focus on a specific topic of yourself, this weekend can contribute to this.

A multiple arrangement (8 or 10 sessions) or participation in gestaltweekend training is more effective than a one-off meeting, where you can experience all immediate relief. Working on yourself takes time, patience and repeated practice. You choose.

Unique and inspiring Gestalt weekend scheduled 17-18 February 2017 France and Netherlands with easter plus weeks France / Thailand are now in the planning in this new year 2017. Ask dates.

I’m Evert van der Weide, 71 years old, living in France, I have near 35 years experience as a Gestalt therapist and I work with individual or with relationship conversations, give supervision and I work with group trainings in the Netherlands, France and Thailand.

My inspirations are Fritz and Laura Perls, Gendlin, Pierro Ferrucci, Assaggioli, Anthony Robbins, Carl Rogers, Walter Kempler and Alexander Lowen. I am passionate about the opportunities for personal growth for every human being in the present moment of this life.

Join now the forthcoming gestalt-weekends and enter your preferred dates in February or April 2017. Whether the gestaltweek in July in France or Thailand.

Request info, give preference data via email with name, address and telephone. Then you get a registration form and you will receive 14 days in advance directions.The gestaltweekend starts on: (telephone +33627786252 or + 33407285184)

Friday afternoon 14:00 and ends on Saturday 20:00 hours.

The Friday evening program lasts until 22:00. The cost for this weekend are € 200.00 including simple breakfast, lunch, meal, coffee / soda and night in a bedroom. To pay before the start of the weekend.

For inspiration: About Awarenes and the ongoing proces by Fritz Perls :


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