What is …….. that is ………here …… now

Standing still .. where I am today .. is renewed continue

Actually come in contact with now? Easy identification exercise to realize where you are.

When we think, think about the other, thinking about myself, thinking about a painful situation, think about the words, thinking about the sounds I hear, think about what is outside of me, thinking about what can think of others, think about the sound of the words, thinking about what I’m thinking about what I hear.

What can …… I can observe what I see, I can explore the structure of pain, I can choose, I can take control, I can feel I can do, I can recover of contact with my source, I can taste what suits me, I feel inspired.

Thinking where to take is to restore confidence in their own senses. Confidence development by testing the reality based on what is purely perceptible now. That is assigning value to see pure, feel, hear and intuition. The fill “gaps in the personality.”

I get daily emails of internet gurus who say: “Customers want to be influenced.” Nonsense !!! Customers want to choose based on what feels throbbing, pure advice and not be cheated.

Now the identification exercise: Find a quiet place. “Look concentrated around the area where you are now.” then close your eyes and concentrate on what pops up and you more aware of that. How does it look. Try to discover more details. Identify your time with this thing or object and imagine that you are this thing. What are your characteristics? Say in your mind: “I am … ..” What do you do and what your existence as this thing “If you start thinking or analysis go back to the experience?. Explaining takes you further away from your experience. What brings you experience and what it means now for you?

In the gestalt weekend discover “how to recover your self, with the other contact” The proprietary tools latent again to take control. Can practice to get to you. That is most developed (es) rschap own existence? Request information, enter email or request a free Skype video call.

Gestalt-weekend May 5-6 in France.

Labels, labels and diagnoses of experiences or feelings make you disabled, because they do not understand what you can and can not do to feel differently. A label can give you the feeling in a corner to be printed and then you need tools to free yourself. How can you regain yourself? Discover what opportunities you have to change what feels prohibitive in your situation. Free yourself from the medical or other corsets and breathe deeply and find out what you can do to get more of your life, your contacts, to enjoy your adventures.

Subscribe now for this unique and inspiring Gestalt weekend scheduled 14-15 April 2017 Netherlands. Write to: degeleroos@gmail.com

I’m Evert van der Weide, 71 years old, living in France, I have near 35 years experience as a Gestalt therapist and I work with individual or with relationship conversations, give supervision and I work with gestaltweekend/gestaltweek trainings in the Netherlands, France and Thailand.

My inspirations are Fritz and Laura Perls, Gendlin, Pierro Ferrucci, Assaggioli, Anthony Robbins, Carl Rogers, Walter Kempler and Alexander Lowen. I am passionate about the opportunities for personal growth for every human being in the present moment of this life.

Join now the forthcoming gestalt-weekends and enter your preferred dates in April or July 2017. Whether the gestaltweek in July in France or Thailand.

Request info, give preference data via email degeleroos@gmail.com with name, address and telephone. Then you get a registration form and you will receive 14 days in advance directions.The gestaltweekend starts on

Friday afternoon 14:00 and ends on Saturday 20:00 hours.

The Friday evening program lasts until 22:00. The cost for this weekend are € 200.00 including simple breakfast, lunch, meal, coffee / soda and night in a bedroom. To pay before the start of the weekend.

For inspiration: For you Fleetwood Mac : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7kmw31nRDU




Gestaltweek 22-29 juli in Thailand.

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