Gestalt week in France and Thailand July 2017

Re-launch: A new start on your way to your destination  Zitten in een groep

Give yourself a reassignment. Enable restoration of contact in relation.

Imagine being “quiet” about what you would like to be able to contact, in relationship with partner or others. Where do you want to go and what are you up to if you want to realize your dreams?

You may have fear of creativity: to reject or reject fear, which stagnates the potential development. I myself seemed to block myself at the age of fear to get “no”. I came to the first 2 steps to speak 2 girls and then I saw it. I felt blocked in my body and was so busy with “what could happen” that I could not follow my own track. I could not stand what I wanted.

Now I have realized a lot of my dreams, live in Thailand and in France, and I support anyone who wants to realize his dreams too. Already 36 years again. Negative experiences give an opportunity to research and renew. And I enjoy seeing that someone personally developed what’s possible and makes a breakthrough.

Our breathing is sometimes interrupted and gives us feelings of fear.

Anxiety is the excitement that accumulates in the muscles. Deeper breathing and attention to movement.

What are you up to? Stricter in thinking?

Pure awareness of yourself in the situation can give understanding and clarity about what really happened. Gives opportunities to choose and does what is needed. You can find that something is possible in a situation that seemed insoluble.

Of course you have doubts as long as you do not feel “Here I go for”. You want to make the right choice. I provide you with a safe environment to work on all the negative and positive experiences that have lasted and no longer need to be held if you feel and recognize in your heart who you are “real”. And the beauty is that you can feel in your soul whether something is right or not.

In this gestalt week in France or Thailand you can “restore contact with your real self, with the real others”. Take back your own skills that are latent. Can practice in recognizing “think” patterns and your pure w a r m e n n now. That is the most self-evident development? Request information, email or ask for a free skype video call.

Each of us has a deeper understanding already. Due to the daily pressures and effects of life events, you will not be included. Training serves to focus and discover who you are in essence: the road to human entrepreneur is in your existence. This brings you wisdom, strength, leadership. You learn speechless communication and conflict management. So you can take full advantage of your lifestyles, in your relationship, in your work and in daily contacts. The gestalt training can also be done individually, by means of a relationship conversation or in the afternoon group, weekend or intensive weight training.

Sign up for this special and inspiring Gestalt week, 1-8 July 2017 France or 22-29 July 2017 in Thailand. Send email to: before June 1, 2017.

I’m Evert van der Weide, now 72 years old, I lived from 17-04-2007 until 07-10-2009 in Thailand and since 2009 in France, I now have 35 years of experience as Gestalt therapist; See Linked. I work with individual, relationship discussions, supervision and I work with gestaltweekend / gestaltweek trainings in the Netherlands, France and Thailand.

My inspirators are Fritz and Laura Perls, Gendlin, Pierro Ferrucci, Assaggioli, Anthony Robbins, Carl Rogers, Walter Kempler (Relationship Therapy) and Alexander Lowen. I am passionate about the possibilities for personal growth for each of us in the “present moment now” in this life. No labels, no diagnoses. You are you and that’s good though it feels temporarily different.

Request info, provide preferred data by email with name, address and phone. After that you will receive a registration form and you will receive directions 14 days in advance.

The gestalt week starts on Saturday afternoon at 4:00 pm and ends at 20:00 on the first Saturday.

Day programs run from 9.30 to 18.00. Saturday closing at the end of the week before 11.00.

For inspiration: “Bound for glory” by Neil Young:




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