Gestalt-week Thailand 22 july up to and including 29 july 2017

Training in awareness

A gestalt-week together with other people in connection on the road to realise your dreams, your targets.

R e m i n d e r to the driving force of “I am … ..”

For people who work with people and want to rebuild themselves and want to stand still with those pieces in their own lives, where energy, love and vitality have disappeared through intercourse, dysfunction, habit and automatisms, out of work, and / or out of existence. . Focus can focus on the wisdom in our self and the emotional flow in contact, which can be hidden under the social layers of thinking and acting.

We work with the power of expression of pure, direct and simple language and express gesture and emotion. Contact in the power of the current “here and now”.

Attention to the sound of the voice and (re) cognition of the feeling of emotion. Automatically contact the voice again. In own control. To be aware

The expression of self-introduction and the power of one are discovered with yourself. Vulnerability becomes power. Stand for who you are. Restoration of connected feeling in harmony.

Take yourself to this workshop as you feel and are now. Leave the standards as far as possible and do not set any requirements for yourself. Come to the beautiful, natural and relaxing environment of Khao Kalok, Thailand. Redeem and stand still, recognize what is essential in your life, in your work, in your contacts.

I work with meeting and experiment. To restore the harmony present and to feel space for your true self. Expressing the unspoken expression in an open-minded atmosphere. Meeting with authenticity in a loving and respectful atmosphere. Exercise, walk (jogging as desired), meditation, movement, dance and expression. I work with the release of experienced blockades, inhibitions, respect, safety and acceptance in day-to-day living and expressing experiences, feelings and emotions. Life can be a party.


Registration and enrollment for the stall workshop before July 1, 2017. Wear comfortable clothes.

The workshop costs are € 675,00. The registration is final after registration and transfer of € 400.00 of the cost. The light meals are enjoyed jointly in the accommodation. Arrival 22-07-2017 from 14.00. If you can bring someone in the car or book a flight together, please contact me. Folder with info and address of the accommodation will be sent after registration.


Gestaltpraktijk: “De Gele Roos”

4 Place St Julien, 03380 Treignat

France. Telephone: +33(0)407285184. Mobile Telephone +33(0)627786252

Internet: and email:

Time: saturday 22-07-2017 from 16.00 uur up to and including saturday 29-07-2017 till 11.00 uur.


Registration form:



Zipcode:                         City:                                            Telephone:


Declares signing up for the Gestaltweek from July 22 to July 29, 2017 in Khao Kalok, Thailand and the first payment of € 400.00 and the 2nd payment of € 275.00 before the workshop starts to * Ingbank IBAN: NL77INGB0005268353 / * Cash.

Date:                                               Signature:


* Stripping out what is not applicable.

Gestaltcenter: “De Gele Roos”, 4 Place St Julien, 03380 Treignat, Frankrijk. Ingbank IBAN NL77INGB0005268353 Netherlands

E-mail: Internet:





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