Gestalt-week France “loving relationship” 12-19 August 2017.


Relatie gesprek

Restoration of deeper contact possible?

Do you have the desire to restore deeper contact with your partner to a loving relationship as it started? There are nutritional ways to transform contact and connection with partner and others into a more loving relationship in the present.

Practice quietly with yourself in a natural relaxing environment where life is not rushed. Space and time for discovering in the countryside around Treignat.

Recognition of the automated reaction patterns and by creating with loving attention and acceptance of what is happening, the ability to express yourself and to realize or restore heart contact. Investigate your feelings and give them space and attention. And you realize that everything can be all that you are beautiful, that you are pure and open to the other.

Then feel what is present in recognition and acceptance that it is good. It made sense to survive. And then eureka. I see what I do and if I see what I do, I can do otherwise. Hidden feelings give space and attention without being killed with rational solutions.

You may be there. You are beautiful. You are pure.

Now back to the moment you only learned your partner and felt the feelings of openness and love. There you can go back if you want. Feel safe, appreciated and connected in your relationship.

  • This can be done by conducting practical conversations and focusing on what it feels like.
  • By exploring negativity experiences in the relationship and eliminating them by new insights, e.g. Convert to the contrary.
  • Share and clarify daily thoughts. Let it float like clouds.
  • Converting your frustration feelings about what does not happen changes in desires
  • Give loving attention to your relationship
  • Share with self-awareness.
  • Listen without judging and talking without giving criticism
  • Use your relationship to change your thinking and more joy.

In the training attention for how to develop the socio-emotional ability to make direct contact with a deeper level. Ask for information about the following relationship traning in blocks of several days divided over the year and with a certificate of participation at the end.

In this gestalt week, you can take the first steps “on the road to a loving relationship and meeting the real one”. Develop the own skills that are latent already present and re-engage. Being able to practice recognizing “think and do” patterns, “language patterns” and “pure w a r m e n in the present” and if you take a loving course, you get the choice to do different. Nourish the relationship. Use the language differently. Get rid of a solid response.

Each of us has a deeper understanding already. Due to the daily pressures and effects of life events, you will not be included. Training serves to focus and discover who you are in essence: the road to human entrepreneur is in your existence. This brings you wisdom, strength, leadership. You learn speechless communication and conflict management. So you can take full advantage of your lifestyles, in your relationship, in your work and in daily contacts. The gestalt training can also be done individually, by means of a relationship conversation or in the afternoon group, weekend or intensive weight training.

I’m Evert van der Weide, now 72 years old, I live in France, now I have 35 years of experience as a Gestalt therapist; See Linked. I work with individual, relationship, supervision and I work with specific form-weekend / gestaltweek trainings in the Netherlands, France and Thailand. I work again with Margreet Verweij in the Netherlands.

For info and data please email me with name, address and phone. After that you will receive a registration form and you will receive directions 14 days in advance.

For inspiration: “You are so beautifull” by Joe Cocker:



Gestaltweek 12-19 August 2017 to give up in France before 1 August 2017


Photo background of L’etang (lake) Herculat at Treignat.



















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