Gestaltweekend “loving relationship” 29-30 September 2017.

relatie liefdevol Get a bridge in contact. Issue by actual being.

In daily life with a partner, we automatically react in repetition patterns. If that does not feel anymore, it’s time to find new ways to escape from these patterns and restore our connection and love.

I have made the feelings and constraints that you are now facing in contact, relationship or work, and I have been given the opportunity to work on myself through the gesture approach. I came back to my own home and I discovered how important it is to give attention to feelings on their own and to give a clear place in the living situation. I have discovered how to give hands and feet to what lives in me, which the other understands me. To be more direct and clearer, to watch out-of-day situations through pure perception apart from the flow of thinking and raised education or education indoctrination programs.

Practice and discover in a natural relaxing environment where life is not rushed. Find space and time to keep quiet with who you are and discover new facets about yourself and observe your partner in nature around Treignat.

Reviewing the automatic response to each other. With loving attention and respect for your loving self, the possibilities create you at a different level of language. Heart contact repair. In the free dialogue you can explore feelings without judgment and find words that give you pure expression. And then you realize that you can be completely in whom you are in contact with the other. You express your beauty, your purity and the opening to the other. Flow of love energy.

Now back to the moment you only got to know your partner and felt the feelings of openness and love. There you can go back if you want. Feel safe, appreciated and connected in your relationship.

  • This can be done by conducting practical conversations and focusing on how that feels.
  • By exploring negativity experiences in the relationship and eliminating them by new insights,  e.g. convert to the contrary.
  • Share and clarify daily thoughts. To float like clouds.
  • Transforming your frustration feelings about what does not happen change expression into desires.
  • Give loving attention to the relationship
  • Practice being present in self-awareness and sharing without criticism or judgment.
  • Listen to the words and what you can hear the words.
  • Use your relationship to change your thinking and more joy.

In these relationship training sessions you can make new discoveries “on the road to a loving relationship and the real other” using gestalt principles. The own skills, which may have been lost in contact with education and education programs, will restore contact. When we can practice recognizing “think and do” patterns, “language patterns” and “pure w a r m e n in it now” and if you take lovingly, you get the conscious choice to practice differently. To make the relationship nutritious. And then the relaxation becomes felt.

Each of us already has that deeper insight. Due to the daily pressures and the effects of life events, you often do not attend. Training serves to focus and discover who you are in essence: the road to human entrepreneur is in your existence. This brings you wisdom, strength, leadership. You learn speechless communication and conflict management. So you can take full advantage of your lifestyles, in your relationship, in your work and in daily contacts. The gestalt training can also be done individually, by means of a relationship conversation or in the afternoon group, weekend or intensive weight training.

evert-web-kleinI’m Evert van der Weide, now 72 years old, I live in France, now I have 35 years of experience as a Gestalt therapist; See Linked. I work with individual, relationship, supervision and I work with specific form-weekend / gestaltweek trainings in the Netherlands, France and Thailand. I work again with Margreet Verweij in the Netherlands.

For info and data you can email me with name, address and phone. Then you will receive info or a registration form and you will receive directions 14 days in advance.

Voor inspiratie: “Make you feel my love” van Adele:–Ng



Gestaltweekend to a loving relationship 29-30 September 2017 in France

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