Gestalt weekend in France from 01-03 December 2017.

Relatie training

Realize a breakthrough in life, relationship or work. It is possible …

Do you recognize how you become feels unwell? How your own unique is undermining either how you are unique to undermine another?

Recognition of what actually happens in daily life, in relationship or in work situation gives the chance to develop pure awareness in the advancing now. Gives insight into what you can do to get in touch, how to bridge differences

This gives you the opportunity to restore contact with the present intuition and discover which tools in your own you can use to develop clear vision of situations.

Here are some ways to see which strategies can undermine your own unique self:

  • Compare yourself with another,
  • Striking yourself can only be successful.
  • Set a high expected pattern of what you should meet
  • Reach yourself in high goals
  • Seeing failure as a kind of total failure
  • Respond quickly and alertly when it sees the ideal while in the situation awareness is needed.
  • Unrecognized wishes will be taken as guidance for the other.

You can also support your unique self:

  • Loving to perceive what your real intentions are in contact and to not let others think of it. That’s more listening to your true self.
  • In any situation, give words that make sense to you in what happens. Is giving pure words to who you really are.
  • Explain immediately and clearly
  • Step by step thinking of what you see now, hear and feel happening.
  • Share tremendous feelings with someone who looks without judgment and you see what you’re up to.

Either as a customer today said: “Feel soft to me instead of hardening”

In the training sessions you can practice and explore in a natural, relaxing environment where life is not rushed. Find space and time to keep calm with who you really are and perceive new facets about yourself or your partner in the nature around Treignat.

Each of us already has that deeper insight. Due to the daily pressures and the effects of life events, you often do not attend. Training serves to focus and discover who you are in essence: the road to human entrepreneur is in your existence. This brings you wisdom, strength, leadership. You learn speechless communication and conflict management. So you can take full advantage of your lifestyles, in your relationship, in your work and in daily contacts. The gestalt training can also be done through individual, relationship conversation or participation in afternoon group, weekend or intensive weight training.

I’m Evert van der Weide, now 72 years old, I live in France, I already have more than 35 years of experience as a Gestalt therapist; see Linked. I work with individual, relationship, supervision and I work with specific style weekend / gestaltweek trainings in the Netherlands, France and Thailand to support you. I work again with Margreet Verweij from the Netherlands.

For info and data you can email me with name, address and phone. Then you will receive info or a registration form and you will receive directions 14 days in advance.

For inspiration: “Bitch” by Meredith Brooks:

Gestaltweekend date now set to 01-03 December 2017 in France

Sign up before November 1, 2017


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