Magical contact in relationship…. is appreciation of difference.

Realizing a breakthrough…. now

The words: “Appreciation of difference” have touched my soul from the beginning, sixties. Being able to be my self and not having to adapt and bend over backwards for acceptance, respect and appreciation. From the prison of “how it should be”. In a healthy relationship or contact there is appreciation, respect and acceptance for everyone’s individual experience (feeling), everyone’s own way of being in the here and now. There is understanding, experience and exchange about joyful and painful events. Is there room for everyone’s personal experience and room to screen difficult situations without judgment? Can the magic arise from being able to see each other in who we are and to be able to learn from each other. Also about the historical pain points that can sometimes arise in the present. Usually we want to do better than our parents for ourselves and for our children and other relatives. This also requires being able to see that we sometimes “repeat the same pattern” and seeing that through gives relief.

Our selves are:

How can we be connected to the other and be ourselves? That’s the magic of dancing on the silk cord. In other words, as Albert Einstein said: “Life is like cycling. To keep your balance you have to keep moving ”. That is seeing the other to the soul and showing yourself from the core of feeling. Requires confidence in yourself. You can develop that with the support and compassion of fellow human beings.

In the training we practice with dance, movement, expressing yourself, meditation and reflecting on where you are.

Ecstatic moment when I started the Gestalt training. The moment I concentrated on feeling my own movements while dancing instead of paying attention to “how I might come across while dancing”. Feeling free in your own expression.

Being a parent doesn’t have to mean “showing old behavior”. New behavior, gives new energy, gives new feeling in the here and now. Opens the gates to fulfillment.

My name is Evert van der Weide, I live in France since 2009, I now have 41 years of experience as a Gestalt therapist; see Linked. I work with individual, relationship conversations, supervision and I work with specific Gestalt weekend / Gestalt week training courses in the Netherlands, France and Thailand.

For information and data about various training courses you can e-mail me with name, address and telephone. Do you want to receive weekly emails or specific information (theme of your life) or a registration form.

For inspiration: “Baba O’riley” from The Who (1978) with subtitles:

Listen to the text: “I have not to fight. To prove that I am right ”.  folder in preparation

In the training we practice with dance, movement, expressing yourself, meditation and reflecting on where you are.

Gestalt week “nurturing relationship” 24-31 August 2021 in France

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