Ecstatic consciousness in relationship…. in contact.

Realise a breakthrough …. now

It is awareness when you know that you never react directly to anything, but to your interpretation of the situation.

Your interpretation thus becomes the justification for your response, not the situation itself.

When you walk around with feelings where you are looking for a way out, people in the immediate vicinity often respond with “don’t whine” you are right. What if your body gives different signals. You can give a socially desirable answer or think “I’m fine” and your body keeps giving signals of not feeling well. So keep whining as practice until you feel yourself being heard. Those signals need attention. They want to be understood in themselves, in the situation “here and now”. Then you can come home to yourself again. And feel “this is who I am”. Do you want to learn = discover what your unwell feelings stand for? Do you want to change something? Do you want to do? Do you want to take action? Make an appointment with me now.

To be in relationship:

Negative feelings have a meaning and that meaning is released when attention is paid to the field. In Gestalt we call this the foreground and background configuration. If the dialogue with your deeper self is disturbed, it is not possible to give clarity and expression to yourself in the environment. To unveil the negative emotion, loving awareness is needed, so that the balance of positive and negative can be restored.

If you see stuck patterns of reaction in someone else, shift your attention and change your judgment to, “How can I act differently in response to a stuck pattern?” If you can follow this, you will enter the Hogeschool van Leven. In doing differently now, you focus on the perception (what you see, what you feel. “What is the effect on the other of doing differently”.

In the training we practice with dance, movement, expressing yourself, meditation and reflecting on where you are. Exploring blockages and released with deepened insight. Become your own master (es) and feel your own rhythm and cadence in contact or relationship. Tune in and move. Perceiving inwardly. Express appearance.

In je energie gaan staan

Training yourself involves moving and paying attention to the stiffness you feel in places in your body by paying attention to it. Allow movement again.

In upbringing, attention has been focused too much on adapting instead of expressing yourself being in contact. In companies, creativity is undermined because the “noses must be in the same direction”. Aging does not have to mean “adapting behavior to the wishes of others”. New behavior, gives new energy, gives new feeling in the here and now. Gives new reactions from people. Opens the gates to fulfillment.

My name is Evert van der Weide, I live in France since 2009, I now have 41 years of experience as a Gestalt therapist; see Linked. I work with individual, relationship conversations, supervision and I work with specific Gestalt weekend / Gestalt week training courses in the Netherlands, France and Thailand.

For information and data about various training courses you can e-mail me with name, address and telephone. Do you want to receive weekly emails or specific information (theme of your life) or a registration form.

Gestaltmeeting by Zoom on 27 march 2021

From 2 to 5 pm. Register before March 20, 2021.

Ask info.

For inspiration: “True Colours” by Cindy Lauper:  

Listen special to: “I see your true colours, thats why I love you”.  folder in voorbereiding

Gestalt week “nurturing relationship” 24-31 August 2021 in France

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