The ecstasy of feeling free in relationship and in contact.

Unfinished pain of the past…. explore, see through and aware in the present

Each of us has experienced at one time or another that a feeling lingers and is not gone with thinking. That feeling keeps coming back in certain situations. Ignoring hides it until there is an event, that this feeling is touched and it ignites in all its intensity.

In Gestalt we call this “unfinished situations”, which require attention so that the life energy can flow again. Ignoring these feelings hides them until they reappear in an unsafe situation and prevent you from being in the situation.

Have you dealt with rejection, expulsion, labeling, diagnosis, harassment or other harm such as abuse of trust, abuse of your body?

Do you repeatedly encounter the same ingrained pain response patterns in contact and lose the courage that change is possible? Do you feel the pain of not being heard or seen in a situation and are you looking for a way back to your own energy? You can move on with help and support without judgment in a safe situation.

Recover support and confidence in yourself. Feeling that you are heard and understood, that you matter. Giving space back to energy that has been poured in and bringing it out. To return sensitivity to the appreciation it deserves as a source of pure perception.

Unfinished situations from the past that linger. Which is not finished. In the present you can screen them and give them a new place with support and then let them rest in the past. Throwing the ballast off you. Releasing the (judgmental) voices in your head or environment.

“What is… .. that is ……” the magic spell in the gestalt approach to life. Not perceiving what is right in front of us because we put all the energy into thinking about what I or others are doing. We all do that sometimes.

I have found it

In the relationship “standing up”: as the man or woman you really are.

Beneath the different outer layers within yourself, you may be able to perceive that there is more present. That repeated “conflict in relationship, feeling misunderstood, feeling pain, feeling alone, defending“ the self ”, can be related to entrenched reaction patterns, beliefs and opinions as a survival pattern in a situation. In Gestalt we call this the foreground and background configuration. If the dialogue with the deeper self is disturbed (the truth behind the words) it is not possible to give clarity and expression to yourself in the living situation. To unveil the negative emotion, loving awareness, acceptance is needed, so that the balance of positive and negative can be restored and you can choose where you want to be.

Relationship training, individual training or group training via video calling.

In the training we will disentangle the whole mess of emotions, feelings and thinking with pure awareness of the meaning in your life situation now, enter into a dialogue with the different facets of yourself. We practice with dance, movement, expressing yourself, meditation and reflecting on where you stand without judgment. Exploring and recognizing blockages. With deepened insight and understanding for yourself in the old situation, it can be seen and released in the here and now. Become your own master (es) and feel your own rhythm and cadence in contact or relationship. Tune in and move. Perceiving inwardly. Express appearance.


These training courses are only for people who want to discover, are willing to experience and want to reflect on what presents itself in the here and now. Whether you are a therapist and want to retrain at an experience level, a student or need extra inspiration. If you need to reflect in a nourishing environment on “know yourself” or attention for “the common thread” in your life, then these training courses contribute to that.

My name is Evert van der Weide, I lived in Thailand since 2007 and in France since 2009, I now have 41 years of experience as a Gestalt therapist; see Linked. I work with individual, relationship conversations, supervision and I work with specific Gestalt weekend / Gestalt week training courses in the Netherlands, France and Thailand.

For information and data about various training courses you can e-mail me with name, address and telephone. Do you want to receive weekly e-mails or specific information (theme of your life) or a registration form.


For inspiration: “I want to break free” by Queen with subtitles:

Find your own light and truth. The new revolution.  folder in preparation

Gestalt week “nourishing relationships” 24-31 August 2021 in France

Register before 1 May 2021

Depending on the corona perils on location in France or worldwide via Zoom video.

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